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Dear Diary, Janeen's juggs are bloated full of milk and her nuts are swollen full of sperm! In the new set: Frenzied Fem Full of Milk & Cum, Janeen relieves her tits & dick then drinks her own fluids back up again thirstily!

Dear Diary, Rachel and Felicia drain all the cum out their nuts in: Dickgirl Sperm Clinic. Nurse Felicia tells doctor Ramrod about her chronic blueballs she's been suffering from. Rachel inspects Felicia's dick, does some tests, strokes her cock and tastes her cum! Felicia gets on top of Rachel and the two rub their dicks together through their pantyhose. Felicia's gives some mean head and Rachel has a manic orgasm, blasting her cum all over Felicia's face and body!

Dear Diary, in the new set: Office Sluts Glazing Donuts, Dara and Bianca take a break from work to suck and fuck! Then, they shoot cum on some donuts and munch on them together!

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Dear Diary, introducing my latest dickgirl find, the amazing Nikki Noblong! Her dick goes from a soft snake to a rock-hard cum-spurting lance! See her show off her massive cock in the new set: Huge Hard-On for the Prom

Dear Diary, Stefani and Janeen fuck all the cum out of each other in the video: Girthy Fucking Geishas. They start innocently sitting side by side when Stefani's hard-on bursts out of her Kimono. Stefani gets totally embarrassed until Janeen reveals her massive meat-pipe. From then on the two experience dick pleasure heaven playing, jerking, and rubbing their cocks before stuffing their dicks in each other and fucking hard! Lots of fucking and lots of cum! Yay!

Dear Diary, Rachel and Felicia have fun with cum in the new set: Dickgirl Sperm Clinic. Dick-Doctor Rachel examines nurse Felicia's cum spurting cock!

Dear Diary, Loann talks dirty while she jerks off with you in the new video: Protruding Penis Playtime. Loann is in a playful mood so she wags her dick to tease you. This gets her hard and horny so she jacks off and plays with her balls. She moans and instructs you how to beat off! She shakes and wobbles her dick making it dance! Finally she orders you to cum and shoots her load!

Dear Diary, in the new set: Blonde Boning a Blow Up Doll, Caitlyn plunges her thick dick into a plastic fuck doll!

Dear Diary, Dara rubs Caitlyn down with her wiggling weiner in the new video: Sensual Sausage Massage. Dara applies pressure with her schlong down Caitlyns body, into her butt crack, and over her huge balls. Caitlyn turns over on her back and Dara goes dick to dick with Caitlyn's lubed up sausage. Caitlyn gets so aroused by all the cock rubbing that she can't contain herself and vigorously jerks herself off till she erupts in orgasm. Then Dara jerks off her serpent and blasts her cum all over Caitlyn's tits!

Dear Diary, in the new set: Girthy Fucking Geishas, Stefani and Janeen were timid at first, but they quickly got past their shyness and fucked each other with lustful passion!

Dear Diary, Rachel fucks Felicia hard in Jeans Bulging with Boners. They meet and quickly notice each others huge bulges. After a bit of flirting they caress their boners through their pants and passionately kiss. Their make out session turns into a lusty lesbo licking fest! They take their dicks out jerk and suck each other off with horny vigor! Rachel licks the underside of Felicia's swollen nut sack. Felicia sits on Rachel's meat tower and goes for a bouncy ride! Then Rachel brutally fucks Felicia doggy style and has a dick-milk explosion all over her beautiful ass, which she licks up!

Dear Diary, finally some private time alone with Loann. In the new photo set: Protruding Penis Playtime, Loann shows off her sexy erect boner!

Dear Diary, Janice and Tabitha dance cock-to-cock in: Dancing Dick Divas. Tabitha shakes her dick, and Janice sneaks up behind her. Tabitha is startled but then smiles when she sees Janice's large dangling cock! The two divas dance together, rub their pleasure poles and grind each others bodies. Their dicks slap together rhythmically to the beat! Then they jerk each other off furiously at the same time! They beat-off till they spurt their huge loads!

Dear Diary, Dara massages her horny serpent all over Caitlyn's sexy body in their new photo set: Sensual Sausage Massage.

Dear Diary, Stefani has a job interview with Loann in Huge Girl Cock for Hire. Stefani doesn't hesitate to present her credentials and shoves her cock in Loann's face! Loann assesses her penis, measures it and examines it. Stefani notices Loann's girthy member and demonstrates her dick-sucking skills! Stefani jiggles Loann's tit with her rod and Loann jerks her off. Stefani want's the job so bad she lets Loann fuck her and cum on her ass and balls!

Dear Diary, Felicia and Rachel get hard in their pants for each other in the new set: Jeans Bulging with Boners. Their throbbing meat sticks are too much for their tight jeans to contain as they kiss, suck and fuck!

Dear Diary, what's better than a girl with a huge penis? How about a girl with: Massive Tits with Rock Hard Dick. Bianca gets off with her massive, milking, Mastasia-mammaries and her enormous, cum spurting cock! Her beautiful, engorged sex organs jut-out, erect on her body and wiggle as she walks! This sexual goddess is blatantly conceited. She talks down to you and makes fun of your small penis! She models her body for you and bounces her tits and dick at the same time! She jerks-off while her tits lactate and her cock oozes jizz! Finally, she tit-fucks herself while milk and cum continue to explode out of her!

Dear Diary, in their new set: Dancing Dick Divas, Janice and Tabitha stuff cocks in their mouths and slap their dicks together on the dance floor!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Janeen go dick to dick in: Meat Pole Mud Wrestling. The two girls wrestle and throw brown goop on each other! Before long they're both covered in it. They pour more mud on their crisscrossed cocks and rub their slippery schlongs together. They take their tops off, rub their brown slathered bodies together and make-out in a muddy embrace. They jerk off and smear mud on their bodies with their boners!

Dear Diary, in the new set: Huge Girl Cock for Hire, Loann and Stefani dress in sexy office attire for a job interview but end up rubbing their penises together!

Dear Diary, it's time for some hardcore bride fucking! In the new video: Boning the Beautiful Bride, Felicia and Stefani screw until they're covered in cum! The girls start out romantically looking into each other's eyes and making out. They take turns sucking cock and licking balls until they get in the 69 position and suck simultaneously... slurp, slurp! Then Stefani rides Felicia's joystick and the two create a symphony of girly moans and fuck-noises. They blast their huge, horny loads on each others faces and end with a cum kiss!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo set of Bianca: Massive Tits with Rock Hard Dick. Her chest is heaving with Jumbo-sized boobs and her crotch is throbbing with her huge hard boner! She's the perfect woman! She fucks her own tits, lactates and shoots cum!

Dear Diary, in the new video Cock Hungry Sex Kittens, Maritza and Natalie have a cock sucking fest! Natalie orders Maritza on her knees and makes her purr while she licks, slurps and mouths Natalie's monster. Then Natalie returns the favor giving Maritza a hand/blow-job special! Being in a playful mood, Maritza lays out below Natalie's swinging dong and plays with it just as a cat would with a toy! Finally Maritza strokes off Natalie and catches her jizz in a plate!

Dear Diary, it's been a while, but Janeen is back and she's getting down and dirty with Caitlyn in the new photoset: Meat Pole Mud Wrestling. These two well hung hotties love getting messy in the mud filled kiddie pool!

Dear Diary, in the new video: Penis and Pussy Pleasure, Rachel Ramrod talks dirty while jerking off her dick and pleasuring her cunt with a vibrator! She opens her legs spread eagle, beats her meat and orders you to do the same! She bends over, showing off her fine ass and jams the vibrator in her pussy! Rachel takes off her shirt and plays with her big erect nipples! Finally she has a super intense orgasm with both her pussy and dick! Her cock shoots huge thick wads of cum high into the air like a geyser and she quivers with pleasure! She licks and swallows cum off her dick, and excess cum oozes on her chest!

Dear Diary, I just added a huge new photo set: Boning the Beautiful Bride, starring Stefani the blushing bride and Felicia her maid of honor! Stefani looks gorgeous in her bridal gown, especially with Felicia stuffing cock in her mouth, fucking her pussy and cumming in her face!

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Dear Diary, in the new photo set: Cock Hungry Sex Kittens, Natalie and Maritza team up with cat ears and an apetite for each others dick! Seeing these two hung hotties together again playing with their huge dongs was long overdue.

Dear Diary, both Tabitha and Janice show what big time dick hungry sluts they are in the new video: Whores with Hard Ons. They strut around with their enormous cocks dangling underneath their mini-skirts. Janice tit fucks herself while Tabitha lends her a hand, but that's not enough dick for her, so she stuffs her mouth full with Tabitha's cock. The two girlies playfully bounce and rub their sausages together. Then, Janice rams Tabitha from behind before they face off and cum all over each other's slutty leather outfits!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo set: Penis & Pussy Pleasure, with my latest dick girl find, Rachel Ramrod! Rachel is extremely seductive and really knows how to get off with her dick and vagina!

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Dear Diary, in the new video Smoking and Soaking, Dara and Caitlyn indulge in smoking, kissing and pissing! They light up several cigarettes, share drags off of each other and breathe smoke sensually in each other's faces while tenderly kissing each other. Things get so hot that they cool off by squirting themselves with water, exposing their hard nipples through their white tops. All the flying liquid makes both girls need to go to the bathroom but instead they aim their dicks at each other and soak each other with hot girl piss! They hold hands and walk off with their dicks wagging, drenched in pee.

Dear Diary, Felicia was so hot in the last video, that I had to see more of her dick in action ASAP. In her new photo set: Jerkin while Workin, Felicia gets distracted in the office by her hard, horny cock throbbing in her pantyhose!

Dear Diary, In the new video: Exercising with Erections, Stefani and the hot, new Felicia Femwood workout together and show off their rock hard boners through their tight pants! Felicia instructs Stefani how do some stretches while sporting major wood. In no time at all, they start rubbing each other's dicks. They take turns sucking cock and and tittie fucking each other. Then, Felicia pulls out a condom and puts it on Stefani's schlong. Stefani fucks Felicia doggy style while Felicia jerks her cock off. Stefani turns Felicia around and rams her pussy some more until Felicia is squealing from ecstacy and her dick explodes in a big erruption of gooey, thick cum. Stefani pulls out to cum and fills up her condom until it busts off of her cock!

Dear Diary, I just add a new photoset of Janice and Tabitha: Whores with Hard Ons. These two dick sluts are clad in leather and hungry for each other's cocks

Dear Diary, I just added a new video: Clash of the Super Cocks. Caitlyn is Captain Cumgusher the protectors of big cocked girls, and her evil nemesis is Count Clamstabber played by Janeen. Count Clamstabber devises a plot to absorb the captain's powers, but Captain Cumgusher shows up just in time. They swing their swords and their hefty wieners dance and dangle. Then they have a real swordfight and smack their dicks together. Count Clamstabber overtakes the captain and starts butt ramming her. Faced with such an evil cock, it's hard for the captain to resist, but she knows that good must prevail! Big dick, super-heroine action! Yay!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo set: Smoking and Soaking. I'm into all kinds of fetishes, but smoking is one of my favorites. Dara and Caitlyn sensually blow smoke in each others faces and make out! They also squirt each other with water and soak their white tanks tops! Wet T-shirts and schlongs!

Dear Diary, It turns out that Loann and Stefani love licking each other's bodies! In this new video: Lady Penis Licking Party these two girlies lick each other up and down! They moan and groan as they sensually tongue each other's cocks! Stefani rubs her sausage between Loann's butt cheeks. Loann takes her rock hard boner and fucks Stefani's tight pussy from behind! Stefani uses the wall to push Loann's fat cock back in and out. Then they self tit-fuck themselves till they cum in unison!

I just added new photos of Stefani and a new dickgirl Felicia Femwood: Exercising with Erections. Stefani and Felicia are really into working out, but find that their rock hard boners get in the way, so they burn calories by having sex with one another instead!

Dear Diary, there's one thing I love more than a girl with a huge cock... a girl with a huge cock and big tits! I just added a new video with Natalie Nutsdeep: Chick with Thick Dick & Big Tits. Natalie walks around the back yard with her meaty shaft swinging around. She sits down, wags and plays with her cock then tit fucks herself. I wasn't sure which body part was luckier, her tits or her dick! She strokes her dick with both hands, rubbing and jerking it until she blows her wad all over the place!

Dear Diary, I just added new photos of Caitlyn and Janeen starring in: Clash of the Super Cocks. These two mortal enemies go head to head in a battle of epic proportions! Lots of dick on dick swordfighting action and girl on girl violence!

Dear Diary, I must confess, I'm a sucker for nerdy girls. When I found out that Dara Danglemore wears glasses and loves to read, I was in heaven. So it was a no-brainer to make our next video Book Worm Woman with Wang. Looking cute, sexy and smart, Dara turns the pages of her book with her lengthy meat stick. Even while reading she radiates eroticism. In no time at all, she starts getting distracted by her happy hotdog. She plays with it and jacks it off with two hands! She takes her bra off and dangles her dong in your face! She bends over, sticks her ass out and swings her dick like a pendulum! She stares into the camera and sucks herself off! She strokes it more and cums a huge load that oozes down her shaft!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo set: Lady Penis Licking Party. I just can't watch enough boner action between these two hot blondes... it must be how eager they are to role play in my horny scenarios! In this scene Loann and Stefani lustfully lick each other up and down! They really loved tonguing each other's nuts, but I could tell they liked sucking cock the best.

Dear Diary, I love schoolgirls, especially when they have hard dicks underneath their uniforms. Stefani and Loann take turns sucking each other off in School Girl Sausage Fest. Both girls begin sitting at their desk doing homework with raging hard-ons. When Stefani goes underneath the desk to pick up her pen she meets Loann's meat monster... Stefani jerks it, spits on it and sucks it really deep throat. Loann returns the favor and blows Stefani... Stefani helps her out with a little self sucking. The Girls make out and jerk each other off. Loann shoots a solid stream of jizz into Stefani's open mouth... she nuts so much it looks like she's pissing cum!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo gallery of Natalie Nutsdeep: Chick with Thick Dick and Big Tits. Natalie looked so hot in this scene, I couldn't resist taking a ton of pics of her big natural hooters & giant beefy cock!

Dear Diary, I just uploaded a new video Female Funstick Fever starring Janeen Junkstuffer and Caitlyn Cumgusher!

Both Janeen and Caitlyn love to dance, so I put on some music, and let them wobble their wieners! These two girls couldn't keep their hands off of each other's cocks. All the dick bumping and grinding got Janeen really hot and horny, so she jerks off till she blasts wades of cum on Caitlyns cock and ass! Caitlyn gets on the floor and plays in Janeens giant cum puddle! She sloshes around and scoops up handfuls of creamy cum. They glaze each others boners in jizz and give each other a big french kiss! Then they get back up and dance with cum dripping from their hot bodies!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo gallery of Dara Danglemore: Book Worm Woman with Wang. Dara loves to read, so I shot a scene of her reading one of her favorite books. She is looking so cute with her glasses on, I found it really hard to focus on photos when she was standing in front of me with her wang wiggling everywhere!

Dear Diary, I just uploaded a new video starring Tabitha Throbbinwood and Janice Jerkinstein: Cum Loving Dickgirls in Bed

Tabitha and Janice let me take the camera into the bedroom to film the two of them having a dick love session. The two hotties rub up against each other's bodies sensuously. Then, Janice humps Tabitha, pushing her up against the head board while Tabitha's long legs are wrapped around her. They lay down on the bed - dick to dick - and vigorously rub their beefy rods together. They clasp their boners together, wrap their hand around both dicks and double-stroke until their cum gushes out in unison like twin geysers.

It's raining cum... hallelujah!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo gallery of Stefani and Loann: School Girl Sausage Fest. In this scene, these two dickgirls get bored doing school work, so they start studying penises! It turns out that anatomy is their favorite subject!

New video coming up soon!

Dear Diary, I just added a new video starring Caitlyn Cumgusher: Green Haired and Hung

Caitlyn is in heat and she needs to jack off really bad. But she's got a naughty secret she wants you to know about... she loves to be watched and is really turned on when she knows you are jacking off to her! She lubes up her meat stick, jerks it, rubs it on her tits, and sucks it off until her dick explodes in a huge cum eruption! She does this all while talking dirty to you and encouraging you to jerk off. What a talented girl!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo set: Female Funstick Fever. Janeen and Caitlyn get hot and steamy as they dance the night away, rub rods together and play with cum!

PS: I'm working on this week's video right now. It's really tough because it's so hot, I can't keep my hands off myself while editing it. I can't wait to share it with everyone soon!

Dear Diary, today I added a new video starring Maritza Meatsaber and Natalie Nutsdeep: Sunbathing Boner Babes

It was a really hot day out, so I took the girls outside in their bikini tops to cool off. Maritza's huge hummer is too much for her shorts to handle and protrudes out of her shorts! They two girls lay out in the sun and sensuously smoke their cigarettes while bouncing their boners off their legs. Maritza starts rubbing Natalie's cock and nuts with lotion. Then she rubs lotion on Natalie's cleavage with her dick. Natalie returns the favor by stroking Maritza's cock! Eventually the girls run out of lotion, so they use cum instead! Maritza ejaculates all over Natatlie's naked tits while Natalie shoots streams of jizz across the backyard! Natalie massages the cum all over her big tits!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo set of Caitlyn Cumgusher: Green Haired and Hung. Caitlyn is looking cartoonishly hot in her orange outfit and green hairdo. She strikes different poses for the camera showing off her huge cock and tight pussy.

Dear Diary, I just added a new video starring Stefani Spurtsawad and Loann Loadblower: Dick Maid Domination

Loann is a dickgirl who loves to have it her way, so immediately, I thought that Stefani would be her perfect match. Stefani the slave/maid just wants to please her master, even if it means that she gets spanked on the ass with a fat cock.

Loann makes Stefani dance, calls her a dirty bitch, rides her around like a pony, and then makes Stefani suck her rock hard rod. Loann forces Stefani to lay on a chair so she can tit-fuck her and then blows her load all over Stefani's chest. The cum drips all the way down Stefani's long blonde hair. But Loann isn't done yet. She puts Stefani on the floor, sits on her face and forces her to ejaculate until Stefani says her dick is too sensitve to take it anymore.

PS: If anyone is wondering about the videos for Sunbathing Boner Babes and Cum Loving Dickgirls in Bed, they will be released in the upcoming weeks, along with new photos sets of more sexy chicks with dicks!

Dear Diary, I just added a new photo set starring Stefani Spurtsawad and Loann Loadblower: Dick Maid Domination. Loann is a real mean master to her maid/slave Stefani. But I think Stefani really liked being degraded and cummed on!

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16-October -2008
Dear Diary, I just uploaded the very first full length video: Colossal Cocked Cats Attack, starring Caitlyn and Dara.

When I introduced Caitlyn to Dara I knew right away that these two wildcats had a lot of chemistry. They start out gently carressing each other's bodies. In no time at all, they peel away at their tops. Breasts exposed, their gigantic dongs rub together. Then, they take turns ramming each other in the rear. First, Caitlyn rams her dick into Dara's butt cheeks, then Dara returns the favor by exploring Catlyn's bottom with her super-sized serpent. Then the girls suck their own dicks off until cum is spurting in their faces. They love the feeling of the warm goo so much that they scoop up jizz puddles from the couch and splatter even more on their face! Then they wobble their giant slippery cocks together and jack off together!

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Dear Diary, I am so excited! Today, my dreams of sharing my dickgirl fantasies with the world are coming true!

My name is Cyndi and I'm not you average girl. I'm a nymphomanic with an obsession for female penis! For years I have been a huge fan of Dickgirl Futanari, the kind they have in many Japanese Manga comicbooks. Girl-dongs have become such an infatuation for me that I went on a mission to find the hottest, most well hung hermaphrodites in existence.

My personal preference is hot, feminine, girly girls with huge, meaty, cocks and giant sperm filled nut sacks. It took me a while to find girls like this, but eventually I did!

I soon realized that dickgirls are extremely sexual beings. Each girl seems to be a slave to their horny dick. So it was really easy to the get these girls to suck, jerk, rub, kiss, lick, hump and cum all over each other!

Right now in the members area, I've added three complete photo sets:

Colossal Cocked Cats Attack – I dressed Caitlyn Cumgusher and Dara Danglemore up as cats and let these two horney hotties have at each other. A lot happens, but all I have to say is both of these girls are glazed in cum at the end!

Sunbathing Boner Babes – It was a really hot day so I took Natalie Nutsdeep and Maritza Meatsaber outside for a smoke break and to sunbathe in their bikini tops. It didn't take long for these two babes to start playing with each other's boners.

Cum Loving Dickgirls in Bed – When I met Tabitha Throbbinwood and Janice Jerkinstein they immediately started rubbing their dicks together. They didn't even talk to each other, but seemed to communicate directly with their cocks. When it was all over, these two were literally laying in a pool of their own jizz.

I also added a Video Trailer. It's a montage full of jerking off, dick sucking, rod rubbing, and cum flying everywhere. This is just a glimpse into what's in store. I'll be uploading the first full length video very soon!

Note: Older videos are rotated offline and can be purchased at